AlChemist EA Robot Review

ALChemist EA Robot Review

ALChemist EA Robot is a software designed for the Forex trading market, aiming to automate trading strategies. It operates by analyzing market trends and executing trades based on predefined conditions and algorithms. The robot is geared towards traders looking to minimize their hands-on time while aiming for profitability in the volatile Forex market.


  • Automated Trading: The core functionality of ALChemist EA is to automate the trading process, allowing users to set it up and let it run without constant monitoring.
  • Strategy Implementation: It employs a mix of technical indicators and custom algorithms to identify trading opportunities. Specific strategies may include scalping, trend following, or any combination configured by the user.
  • Risk Management: Offers tools for setting stop-loss, take-profit levels, and managing lot sizes to help protect against significant losses.
  • Customization: Users can tweak various parameters, including trading times, pairs to trade, and risk level settings, making it adaptable to different trading styles.

Performance can vary significantly based on market conditions, the specific settings used, and the risk appetite of the individual trader. While some users report positive outcomes and profitability, others may experience less favorable results. It’s essential to test the robot in a demo account before going live to understand its behavior and adjust settings accordingly. From my experience, this bot has been great and has not lost at all. You will need a minimum of $5000 or you can get a cent account and start off with $500 trading on 3 pairs. Roboforex is a good broker that allows Cent accounts. You can open a cent account with Roboforex here

Live Trading Results:


  • Reduces the need for constant market monitoring, saving time for traders.
  • Can be customized to fit individual trading strategies and risk profiles.
  • Automated risk management features help in protecting against large losses.
  • Great support and always willing to help via Telegram


  • Like all automated systems, it cannot guarantee profits; there’s always a risk of loss, especially in volatile or unpredictable market conditions.
  • The effectiveness of the robot can be heavily dependent on market conditions and may require regular adjustments. Support is quick to help with these.
  • Requires a min of $5000 or a Cent account of $500

The ALChemist EA Robot offers an interesting solution for traders looking to automate their Forex trading strategies. Its ability to be customized allows it to cater to various trading styles and risk tolerances. In my case, it has been giving me a good dose of daily profit. Currently trading on 3 pairs - AUDUSD, EURJPY & EURUSD. I first found out about ALChemist through a sponsored Facebook ad and decided to try it out. It is one of the better EA’s I have found. Please note, potential users should approach with caution, recognizing that no automated system can guarantee profits and that success will depend on multiple factors including the trader’s understanding of the market, the robot’s configuration, and current market conditions. Trying it in a demo account before applying it in live trading scenarios is highly recommended.


€39/mo or €349 lifetime



Where to Buy

One of the very rare real deal AI systems if you ask me. Consistent to what the developers have described and the only one I could find so far you can use full hands off set forget. It will work in a bit unorthodox way, always having a floating loss running within the limits of safe DD occasionally going a bit higher due to market conditions but always brings it back to normal levels. During this time it closes most profitable trades whole looking for new ones. Used it about a month on a demo ICMarkets 1:500 and got really impressed with results. So moved it on a new cent 500 Roboforex 1:200 and made in 10 days about 750 profit. Now due to being a cent account the actual gain is 7.50 but…totally worth free hands free test free check-test free. I simply let it run on a VPS sort of a long term investment. I have now two licenses, one monthly and one lifetime. It’s not the EA that will make 100-200-500 pips trades or the one that will pass your challenge in a 2-24 hours or at all, not even the EA that you tweak and make it run faster slower or with huge lots etc. It simply has 2 modes low and medium risk (not even high), very strict specific requirements for running, a super smart exit mode when you want to stop the EA or change accounts. Fully remote account registration by yourself through activation page, very professional welcoming onboarding tutorial explaining everything giving you best idea on how to use it. And most importantly super responsive support through almost all channels (email, chat, telegram, insta, messenger). After using it for a couple of months I even became an affiliate tbh as I truly believe it can give a real fighting chance to everyday traders to make some passive income if set correctly and left alone do it’s thing. For me I saw it like putting some money I could spare as an investment to grow much better and faster than ISA or bank interest or other PAMM investments which you have control over at all and returns are not even certain. If you need any help or have any questions message me here or DM me at telegram @gusbo75

You are spot on, on your observations. It has made me some $$ as I have a real account with $5K and it is yet to lose.