TradesViz Review

TradesViz is a trading journal that has a clean interface and has a lot of functionality when it comes to traders for Forex and stocks. It can auto-sync trades and has a large support for many brokers. It also has AI analytics.

User Interface and Experience

Tradesviz boasts a clean, intuitive interface that makes it easy for traders to log trades, add notes, and navigate through various analytical tools. Its dashboard provides a quick overview of performance metrics, helping users to immediately grasp their trading outcomes.

Trade Logging and Import

One of Tradesviz’s strong points is its ability to log trades manually or import them directly from brokerage accounts or via files. This flexibility is crucial for time efficiency and ensuring that traders can keep an accurate record of their activities without manual entry errors. It has a large set of brokers you can import from. In addition, you can also auto-sync trades from Metatrader 4 and 5 via FTP. The MT5 has EA real-time sync which is in beta currently. More about that later.

Analytics and Reporting

The platform offers deep analytical insights, allowing users to dissect their trading performance across numerous dimensions such as time of day, instrument, strategy, and more. Tradesviz generates detailed reports and charts that highlight profit/loss trends, win/loss ratios, and other vital performance indicators. These analytics are pivotal for identifying both strengths to build upon and areas needing improvement.

Customization and Tools

Tradesviz provides a range of customization options, enabling traders to tailor the platform to their specific needs. From creating custom tags for trades to setting up personalized performance metrics, the flexibility here is a significant advantage. Additionally, the platform includes tools like a trade simulator and advanced charting capabilities, further supporting traders in refining their strategies.

Security and Privacy

While specific details on security measures were not provided, reputable trading journals prioritize user data protection. Prospective users should investigate Tradesviz’s current privacy policies and security practices to ensure they meet their standards.

Support and Community

Good customer support and an active user community are critical for any trading tool. Tradesviz has live chat support where they answer in a reasonable time.


Tradesviz operates on a subscription model, with pricing tiers that cater to different user needs. While some may find the cost a consideration, the potential value in improved trading efficiency and decision-making can justify the investment. They have a free plan with one trading account. The other 2 plans are the pro plan that starts at $14.99/month which supports up to 10 trading accounts and the Platinum plan that starts from $22.49/month with 20 trading accounts. These are pricing billed annually. These plans are very reasonable compared to other trading journals like Tradezella and Tradersync.

User experience

I found connecting to my 14 meta trader accounts a big chore. Often times the FTP syncing caused all kinds of errors and live chat support seemed to insist I wasn’t doing it correctly when in fact I followed every step of their blog on setting it up. Ultimately they said there was an FTP error and it was fully fixed. I managed to sync ok and then the next day I started getting the same errors. They told me it was fixed again due to some FTP server issues. I also tried their real-time sync using their EA (Expert Advisor). That was such a pain to get it going and one of the live trades got put in a default account even though I currently named the account which they said I made a mistake on. And then realizing that it would only sync real-time trades but not the past history which I had to manually import. Overall it was a very bad experience and the live chat wasn’t very helpful in sorting it out. The next day none of the trades got synched. I decided to give it up and look at another trading journal which is not heard of much called Forexbook which I will be writing a review on very soon. Has some of the best real-time EA syncing and the ease of use made it a no-brainer for me to switch from TradesViz to Forexbook.


Tradesviz presents itself as a powerful tool for serious traders and if it syncs properly, can be a very good journal for its price. As with any tool, you should evaluate its current offerings against your specific needs and possibly explore the free version before jumping all in.


They have a free plan with one trading account. The other 2 plans are the pro plan that starts at $14.99/month which supports up to 10 trading accounts and the Platinum plan that starts from $22.49/month with 20 trading accounts.



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